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Redirects Generator Script

I’ve been toying with the idea of automating the creation of redirect/rewrite rules in Apache from a CSV file to help people out if they have a large number of them to impliement and are given a spreadsheet of redirects by someone who wants them implementing. A (very much proof-of-concept at this point) script can be found on Github here and I would welcome any constructive feedback on this as I’m looking to further develop this script over time if it proves useful to people. Continue reading

Auto-Shutdown bash script for Proxmox VE server

I’ve been playing around with Proxmox VE for a while on an old Ebay laptop and wanted to share a quick Bash script I wrote to automatically shut down the server when the AC power dies and the laptop’s battery capacity is below a specified threshold. There’s also an option to send an alert via Pushover or Email when its going to shutdown the server The script itself can be found on Github here Continue reading

First Post

2021-05-15 misc Peter Lavelle
Welcome to the site. I decided recently that I missed Blogging as a hobby and wanted to start it up again, so I decided to setup a new Blog using Hugo, as static HTML sites have fewer security headaches to deal with. Should hopefully get some time to work on new projects for posts in the next couple of weeks or so. I may also re-post some content from the old WordPress Blog on here as well. Continue reading