Phant Docker Container

Was having a quick play-around with getting the self-hosted version of the Sparkfun data logging service going on a Raspberry Pi using Docker a couple of nights ago.

The image was built on a Raspberry Pi 2 running the hypriot-rpi distro and uses the hypriot/rpi-node Docker image for nodejs.

The Dockerfile can be grabbed from Github here. There is also a pre-built image on Dockerhub if people want to give it a try.

If anyone has problems getting it going, feel free to post an issue on Github for it.

Controlling the Maplin Robotic Arm with a Raspberry Pi

After seeing this article on wikihow by Jamie Scott, I decided a trip to Maplins was in order and I ended up buying one of their Robotic Arm kits

The python script I written to control the arm is based on his with a few minor amendments. Mainly, error handing for keyboard interrupts and mapping of the commands to more easily remembered versions in a dictionary.

The script and documentation are available from Github.