Controlling the Maplin Robotic Arm with a Raspberry Pi

After seeing this article on wikihow by Jamie Scott, I decided a trip to Maplins was in order and I ended up buying one of their Robotic Arm kits

The python script I written to control the arm is based on his with a few minor amendments. Mainly, error handing for keyboard interrupts and mapping of the commands to more easily remembered versions in a dictionary.

The script and documentation are available from Github.


Ubuntu SFTP-Only Account How-to

This guide will show you how to setup Linux user accounts restricted to using SFTP only. These accounts will be unable to run arbitrary shell commands on the server or access/create files outside their own home directories. The steps in this guide were tested on Ubuntu Server 10.04 with version 5.3p1 of the OpenSSH daemon, obtained from the Ubuntu software repositories.

Although this guide is aimed at Ubuntu users, it should also be applicable to other flavors of Linux as well. The most important factor to consider is the version of OpenSSH you have installed on your system. Version 5.0 or above is recommended as these versions support the OpenSSH ChrootDirectory configuration option that we’ll be using here.

Right, that’s enough of the rambling, let’s get to it…


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