BE Maker Kit Campaign on Indigogo

The guys at Borderless Electronics are kicking things up a notch with the launch of their BE Maker Kit project to accompany their recent $9 Arduino compatible board.

The most interesting thing here is their “Learning System” which includes 10 hours worth of electronics-related learning materials in the form of video-based tutorials which can be used in conjunction with their kits.

More information about the project can be found on their campaign page.

Retro Radio Re-Purposed as an iPhone Doc

Oyvind Dahl send in his Retro iPhone dock project. There are very comprehensive writeup of his build on his Blog here as well as in the video embedded above.

I wonder what he has in mind with those Vacuum tubes?

Well worth checking out the other parts of his site as well as there is a wealth of information for beginners, including PCB design and Soldering tutorials.

Controlling the Maplin Robotic Arm with a Raspberry Pi

After seeing this article on wikihow by Jamie Scott, I decided a trip to Maplins was in order and I ended up buying one of their Robotic Arm kits

The python script I written to control the arm is based on his with a few minor amendments. Mainly, error handing for keyboard interrupts and mapping of the commands to more easily remembered versions in a dictionary.

The script and documentation are available from Github.


Picsu: The Power-supply that Fits in a Drive Bay

Thanks to Tucker Merrick for submitting this one: The Picsu, the brainchild of Tucker’s brother, is a power supply which is small enough to fit in the drive bay of a standard PC tower case and features a serial port that allows you to control the voltage and current output by the supply via your favourite terminal application.

I have to say, this is a great idea for those of us (like me) who have limited desk space. These would also be a good idea for school/college E.E labs.

The Kickstarter project page for this can be found here. At the time this was written, they has $932 raised.  Any help the wider community could give here would be very much appreciated.