Handy Link: Programing an AVR with a Bus Pirate

The guys over at HintShop have published a tutorial on using a bus pirate as an In-Circuit Programmer to flash firmware to an AVR Microcontroller using SPI.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, they also include instructions showing how multiple Mircocontrollers can be flashed by one Bus Pirate on the same board, in their tutorial! Is there anything this little gadget can’t do?

Adventures with the Bus Pirate

I finally got my Bus Pirate from Seeed Studio today 🙂  ( I was one of the Pre-order 2 lot.)  Unfortunately though, there was a bit of a problem with mine.  No firmware was loaded on it at the factory!!?? It seems  like one of those things you make sure is on your to-do list with devices like this but the problem is easilly solved.

Anyway, after emailing Seeed, they pointed me in the direction of this forum thread which explains the problem. There is also a blog post at dangerousprototypes.com which explains how to obtain the firmware and upload it onto the Bus Pirate. A word of warning: You will need a jumper handy to complete the process. Just salvage one off of an old Hard Drive or something, that’s what I did.

Hope this is useful to others who may be having the same problems. I should hopefully (money and time permitting) be doing some fun stuff with this little device over the coming months so stay tuned.