Retro Radio Re-Purposed as an iPhone Doc

Oyvind Dahl send in his Retro iPhone dock project. There are very comprehensive writeup of his build on his Blog here as well as in the video embedded above.

I wonder what he has in mind with those Vacuum tubes?

Well worth checking out the other parts of his site as well as there is a wealth of information for beginners, including PCB design and Soldering tutorials.

Controlling the Maplin Robotic Arm with a Raspberry Pi

After seeing this article on wikihow by Jamie Scott, I decided a trip to Maplins was in order and I ended up buying one of their Robotic Arm kits

The python script I written to control the arm is based on his with a few minor amendments. Mainly, error handing for keyboard interrupts and mapping of the commands to more easily remembered versions in a dictionary.

The script and documentation are available from Github.