Handy Link: AVR Timer Calculator

Ok, here’s another little gem I came across on the web that I think you’ll find useful: A web-based Timer calculator, courtesy of Frank at circleofcurrent.com

Just put in your clock frequency and the time (in seconds) you need to count to and let the calculator do the rest.

8 bit and 16 bit timer resolution values are catered for and he even includes a prescaler function so you can experiement with different prescaler values.

Note, You’ll need to make sure that you have Javascript enabled in your browser to use it.

AVR C Bit Level Operations Guide

Found this very comprehensive guide (Link is a PDF document), during my travels on Google, showing how to perform bit-level operations in AVR C. Hope it’s useful to someone.

If you’ve not got a PDF reader to hand, then you can use Google’s Quick View link to this guide to view it in your browser