From Make: Loss-proof Remote

Ok, so we all get annoyed when we mis-place the TV or Hi-Fi  remote control. Some of us would just shrug it off as one of life’s little annoyances and think nothing more of it….

Not this guy, though, who took it upon himself to solve this age old problem once and for all. One of the funniest ‘hacks’ I’ve seen in a while 🙂

More info this can also be found on in this Blog post.

Taken the Python Challenge?

Want a great way to learn a programming language and have some fun? Why not take the Python Challenge. Just found out about this little gem on hackaday  and thought I’d post it here to help spread the word.

The Python Challenge site consists of a series of levels ( 33 levels at present) in which you have to solve puzzles of increasing complexity using code you write yourself. Each puzzle solution then gives you access to the next level.

The site also has a great community behind it, with forums if you get really stuck and need a hint.