Webthermo: Web-based Temperature Monitor

Ok, so someone has already beaten me to it (and done a excellent job of it as well) with the whole web-based temperature monitoring thing, but anyway… Here’s Webthermo! 🙂

Webthermo,  my follow-up to Ardthermo, is a small, web-enabled Python script which uses the CherryPy HTTP Python framework.  It allows you to monitor temperature (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units) over the Internet (using the port-fowarding facility of your Router),  or on your own LAN via a web browser, your favorite RSS reader or a WAP-capable Mobile phone, using the same Arduino sketch and hardware setup as was used for Ardthermo.

It’s still in the early stages of development at the moment, so its still a bit rough around the edges but it works well enough. You can get a copy of the Python script, which also includes the Arduino sketch needed for the hardware side of things, from the Software page.

System Requirements and instructions on how to use Webthermo can be found below. Enjoy everyone!

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Fun with PyRSSI, an Arduino and Twitter

In this little project,  the RSSI value (detected by a small python script)  is used to control 3 LED’s on an Arduino. The LED’s are used to indicate the proximity (in terms of Far Away, Slightly Closer and Very Close) of a paired device relative to the PC running the script. The python script can also send a message to Twitter when the paired Bluetooth device is in close proximity to the PC.

The Arduino Sketch and companion Python script are both in the zip file rssitracker.zip which can be downloaded from the Software page.

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Arduino-based Talking & Remote Thermometer

After recently getting my hands on an Arduino Duemilanove, I came across this Sketch on Arduino Playground that allowed an Arduino to function as a temperature measuring device with the addition of a few cheap and easily obtainable components.

Deciding to take things a step further, I wrote a Python script to create a DIY temperature measuring device that could be used both locally, via the command line, as well as remotely, using a googlemail account to check the temperature of a room. You can grab a copy of this script, called “Ardthermo”,  from the Software page.

This article should give all the info you need to know to build this little project for yourself and make use of the Ardthermo script.  Enjoy.

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