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From TehnikService: Quick PCB Etching

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TehnikService has an interesting article about PCB etching using the “Sponge Method” This seems like a good way for beginners to get started making their own PCB’s.

Has any one tried this?

New Development Board Offering from Protostack

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Protostack has released a new and improved version of it’s 28-pin development board. It’s priced at $9.60 and includes a number of welcome changes from the one I reviewed here in a previous post.

Read on to see what’s changed….


Handy Link: Programing an AVR with a Bus Pirate

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The guys over at HintShop have published a tutorial on using a bus pirate as an In-Circuit Programmer to flash firmware to an AVR Microcontroller using SPI.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, they also include instructions showing how multiple Mircocontrollers can be flashed by one Bus Pirate on the same board, in their tutorial! Is there anything this little gadget can’t do?

Handy link: Arduino Ethernet Bumper Pack

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Georg Kaindl, over at has developed a collection of libraries for the Arduino environment which allows developers to make use of the  DHCP, DNS and Bonjour (Apple Computers’ implementation of Zeroconf) protocols in their network-enabled Arduino projects. Documentation for each individual library (including installation instructions) can be found on Georg’s site.

If anyone is using these libraries in their own projects already, then feel free to share you experiences in the comments section. I’d love to hear about some of the cool stuff other people have made with them.

Handy Link From tehnikservice: TV EEPROM Dumps

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Ever wondered what was contained in the EEPROM memory of your TV? Well, you may find the answer here. This page on has EEPROM dumps from a variety of TV models available for download. Hope this is useful to someone.

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