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Handy Link: AVR Timer Calculator

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Ok, here’s another little gem I came across on the web that I think you’ll find useful: A web-based Timer calculator, courtesy of Frank at

Just put in your clock frequency and the time (in seconds) you need to count to and let the calculator do the rest.

8 bit and 16 bit timer resolution values are catered for and he even includes a prescaler function so you can experiement with different prescaler values.

Note, You’ll need to make sure that you have Javascript enabled in your browser to use it.

AVR C Bit Level Operations Guide

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Found this very comprehensive guide (Link is a PDF document), during my travels on Google, showing how to perform bit-level operations in AVR C. Hope it’s useful to someone.

If you’ve not got a PDF reader to hand, then you can use Google’s Quick View link to this guide to view it in your browser

Apache on an LG Cookie

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After recently buying an LG  KP500 ( The “Cookie”) and spending a day playing round with it (as you do),  I discovered that the phone had an installation of the Apache Webserver, of all things, on it!


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