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From HackedGadgets: Vacuum Tube Thumb Drive

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Ever thourght off-the-shelf USB thumb drives looked about as interesting as a white wall? This little gem , featured on HackedGadgets, should give it that retro charm its lacked for so long :-)

Review of ATMEGA8 Dev Kit

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atmega8 Development kit (Unpacked)

ATMEGA8 Development Kit Photo. Click here for a full-sized image.

The good people at Protostack have donated a ATMEGA8 Development kit for me to review. It’s normal cost is  $14.55 U.S Dollars, which is about  £8.90. I’ve chosen to conduct this review from the perspective of a beginner hobbyist.


From Hackaday: Arduino Snow Clock

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This Alarm Clock Arduino hack , featured on hackaday,  has to be one of the most innovative uses of an Arduino and Python I have seen! The maker, insingertech, has published full instructions on his hack here.

He goes into great detail on his build process and the diagrams (for the Relay Driver part of his circuit, especially) really help to explain things.

The only critisism I can think of here is that perhaps he should have used an Ethernet Shield for the network connectivity element of his project instead of a PC/Laptop.

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